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  • Merry Christmas From Dense Analysis

    Merry Christmas to all from the Dense Analysis team! Today ALE has been released as v3.3.0. These GitHub releases don’t mean much in the way of new code, given that most users just follow master anyway, but some users like to tag specific release versions for distribution. In any case, enjoy!

    ALE has been a project running for over 6 years now, and hopefully the fun will never stop. As ever hsanson does a fine job maintaining ALE. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to ALE so far, especially for everything in this release. There’s some useful additions, and it’s bound to benefit everyone in one way or another. There will be more to come for ALE in future.

    I will add that I and a few friends are working on important things other than ALE I won’t speak about publicly yet. I’ll just say that it’s all for charity and supporting FOSS. Hopefully I should be able to make an important announcement some time mid 2023 about it.