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I Am Still Alive

I thought I'd write a post now to let people know that I'm still around, and I will look at ALE issues and pull requests again when I have some time, among other things. I've been snowed under with work and busy doing family things.

I will always contribute to and manage ALE things until the day I finally die, even if I'm the only user left.

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Thank you for all your efforts!

Thank you for such a useful plugin ! Take care.

Hey, just wanted to give You a big "THANK YOU!".

Thank you!

I just found this. It's made my life better. I've got it working for yaml and markdown and python already. Would love to do ansible and terraform too. (Couldn't figure it out tonight quite.) Great stuff! Thank you. Keep up the good work. :)

Legend. Hope things have been getting better.

I use ALE every day! Here's to a better 2021 <3

Thank you for ALE! Like Clay I use it every day. Just wanted to tell you I'm grateful for your effort.

Thank you very much for the ALE. It's arguably the best plugin for VIM ever made.

Thank you so much 💓 0

Thank you for your hard work to the useful plugin!

great respect to you !!