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    As of the time of writing, I am alive and well. I had two weeks of holiday where I planned to spend some of that time working on ALE, but plans for everyone across the entire world have obviously changed rather significantly, and my holiday was cut short. I have stocked up on food and I must remain at home for weeks on end now, as I have asthma and can’t put myself at risk of contact with the terrible Coronavirus. Over the coming weeks, I will likely get bored and end up working on ALE again at home, as I won’t have all that much else to do for some time.

    I’m updating my blog just to let everyone know that I’m still around, for anyone who bothers to read my blog. Stay safe, keep away from everyone else as much as you can, stay at home for as long as possible, make sure you have enough food to eat, and good luck! This virus will most likely not go away for an entire year or more, and we are now entering the next Great Depression at the same time. The life we knew is now over. I wish everyone good luck in this new life.