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bristolemo.com, the home of Emo in Bristol

I have owned a domain name for a while now, and now I am doing something serious with it. I have a band, and that band is named Corporate Retreat. This band, and the music of everyone in it, including myself, are now featured prominently on the bristolemo.com website, which I now consider the front page of Emo in Bristol.

I personally see the band as a mix of Emo, Neofolk, Shoegaze, and probably a whole lot of other words, but it's really just "whatever we feel like doing." Those of you smart enough to come to my website and read this blog can get a sneak preview right here. (Shh, don't tell the others yet. They probably won't read this. This can be our secret.)

Watch this space. I'll announce the first show when it's coming in Bristol on this website, but people will probably see it mostly on Friendface and Twatter.

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sounds great. i am checking out the videos now

Keep it up :)